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ECD mother of 4 hacked to death in NY

first_imgA mother of four was in the wee hours of Monday stabbed to death by her husband who almost decapitated her in front of eyewitnesses in Richmond Hill, New York, USA.Dead is Rajwantie Basdeo of South Jamaica, Queens, New York and formerly of Lot 250 6th Street, Foulis, East Coast Demerara.Dead: Rajwantie BasdeoHer husband, Prem Rampersaud, 50, was arrested after committing the heinous crime.Based on reports received, the jealous man attacked his wife shortly after midnight at the corner of 103rd Avenue and 124th Street, slapping and choking her before pulling out a knife and stabbing her several times.After stabbing the woman, the suspect attempted to cut off her neck which was witnessed by persons traversing the streets who immediately alerted the Police.Basdeo was rushed to the Jamaica Hospital where she was pronounced dead.The suspect who was arrested in proximity to the murder scene told homicide detectives that his wife arrived in the US less than a year ago and he later found out that she was having a relationship with a man she met online.He admitted that he purchased a long kitchen knife and waited for her to leave work on Sunday evening. The Police have since retrieved the knife believed to be the murder weapon. Rampersaud was on Monday morning charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Leila Basdeo, mother of the dead woman, when contacted told Guyana Times that the two always shared a rocky relationship, noting that at one time her daughter wanted to leave him but remained in the relationship because of the children.In tears, the mother related that her daughter and the suspect have been married for the past 30 years. “She marry he when she was just 14… but she does always complain that he does beat she,” the mother related.She further stated that both Rampersaud and Basdeo visited the United States before and this was their second time in that country. She explained that her daughter went back in October but he only returned three weeks ago.“He nah bin ah get place to stay, but when he do get the place, she booked he ticket and he went over… they use to stay separately, but she does carry food fuh he,” the grieving woman stated.While she could not say what occurred, she recalled that she was at home on Monday morning and at about 6:30h, she received a phone call from the woman’s son-in-law.She was asked to visit their home, which was a strange request given the time in the morning. Upon arriving she was given the devastating news. “All they tell me is that meh only daughter get stab and she dead…”The now dead woman was reportedly taking care of a few relatives and was heading home when she was attacked and killed.Investigations into the murder are continuing.last_img read more

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