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2K Games release Bioshock Infinite Handyman video

first_img2K Games is continuing the slow trickle of information regarding what we can expect to find in BioShock Infinite. And the video released today gives us some insight into how the team is working to really shake things up with different enemy units.This video is all about a character known as the Handyman. He’s encased in a metal suit with an exposed heart and cut up face, while the back story as to why he’s like like that is meant to be quite sad, apparently. But it’s his abilities in-game that has me excited.As well as being a formidable foe due to his size and massize ceramic fists, he can appear from distance very quickly due to his ability to jump long distances (think The Hulk). That makes him a constant threat you may hear arrive before you actually see him.Interestingly, even other enemy units are scared of him. That’s not because he means them harm, but he will search them out and actively use them against the player. For example, he may pick up a smaller enemy and throw them at the player causing an immediate threat to you. In so doing you have two threats to worry about while he’s around: the Handyman trying to grab or hit you himself, as well as the units he launches directly at you while moving in closer for an attack.I expect there’s going to be more than a few memorable set pieces involving this character throughout the game, which sees a release on October 16.last_img read more

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