Assaulted stepdaughter man gets six years in prison

SIMCOE A 33-year-old Norfolk County man, who professed his innocence, was sentenced in Simcoe’s Superior Court to six years in prison.The man can’t be named to protect the identity of his victim, his stepdaughter, when she was aged seven to 14, from 2010 to 2017. He was convicted of sexual assault, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching.“I hope this day will be the last time I have to talk about it,” said the young woman, now 16.“I’m angry it’s taken so long to come to the end of court but I can have some of my life back after this. It will never make up of the time I lost being a kid but I won’t have to worry about the stress from court.”The teen read a lengthy victim impact statement, telling court she was afraid to tell her mother what was going on.“The best day of my life used to be going to church but now I only go once in a while. Why does God let something like that happen to someone who loves going to church?”The girl’s mother told court that her life imploded when she learned her husband had been charged with sexually assaulting her “baby girl.”The mother assured the Children’s Aid Society that the man would not be allowed near the girl or her younger children. But the agency felt unsure she could protect the children and apprehended them for a time.“This caused so much added pain to my family,” said the mother.Assistant Crown attorney Lynette Fritzley told court the man had abused his position of trust as the girl’s stepfather.“He was a father figure and severely breached that trust with a prolonged period of abuse and included full vaginal penetration,” said Fritzley.She noted the victim had to testify twice in court and her stepfather showed no sign of remorse.When asked to speak, the man said he showed no remorse because he committed no crime.“Anytime I’ve done something wrong, even as a child, I’ve accepted everything. I’ve been honest and told every detail. I’m not about to take responsibility for something I didn’t do.”The man said his stepdaughter would have needed a doctor if he had been raping her since she was seven.“I understand you’re maintaining your innocence but the purpose of your right to speak is to deal with issues of sentencing, not how the court reached its decision,” chided Justice Meredith Donahue.Fritzley suggested six to eight years in the penitentiary would be an appropriate sentence, while defence lawyer, Jordan Battin asked the judge to consider a two-year sentence.Donahue sentenced the man to six years. His name will remain on the sexual offenders database for 20 years and he must stay away from parks and playgrounds and the direct company of females under 16, also for 20 years. He also must submit a DNA sample, go 10 years without weapons and have no communication with his victim, who balked at that use of the term for her.“People treat me like a victim when I know I’m not,” said the girl.“I don’t want people to pity me. You cannot define my life. I will be stronger because of this.”The teen ended her statement by saying goodbye to her stepfather and wishing him well in life.“You do not exist in my world now and I do not exist in yours. I do not know (you). I will go home tonight and throw this statement away because I don’t want to be reminded of this day ever again.”[email protected]@EXPSGamble

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