Celebrate 314 with Ned the Pi Guy

first_imgYes, technically Pi Day is not about a tasty dessert…or breakfast depending on the type. But so many people all over the globe choose to mix their math and their pastries on this day. I decided to throw one of my favorite fandoms into the ring. Although Pushing Daisies is over ten years old it still holds such a special places in those who adored its hearts. I recently revisited the show, and it is still so beautifully brilliant, and I would’ve loved to see more seasons. Since we can only relive the love on DVD (or digitally) how about, we honor Ned the Piemaker with a menagerie of fanart. Advanced apologies for not finding 3,141,592……well there’s 1.24 trillion places if we are crunching numbers. Enjoy Ned in all his Three-and-a-Half Berry Pie glory.View as: One Page Slides1. Caótica Mell2. MacGuffin Designs3. Alexa Eve4. Lis Alis5. Meghan C6. AM Godfrey7. Nan Lawson8. AngHuiQing9. Mason Branning10. Marion Bordeyne11. Lis Alis12. Cory Jensen13. vanduoboneslast_img

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