Playing No Mans Sky already Youll have to start again on release

first_imgNo Man’s Sky will be released tomorrow for the PlayStation 4. However, some have been playing the game for a few days now thanks to stores that have broken the street date. One gamer that paid $1300 for his copy a few weeks ago has even finished the title in 30 hours. All of these early players have no doubt seen and done a lot of things in the game, but come tomorrow, all of their progress will be erased — forcing them to start over from scratch.An 824MB patch for No Man’s Sky will go live sometime today. It will make certain adjustments to the game such as adding three new endings, increasing the chances for players to meet each other, universe creation, AI, trading, and more. This patch is not compatible with existing save files, meaning that those who have been playing the game must start from the beginning in order to experience all of these changes.Hello Games is making it very clear that it doesn’t want people playing the game early. Beyond this patch, it has also initiated a number of server wipes that force current players to have to start over again. On top of that, the exploit that was used to complete the game in 30 hours no longer exists. Though No Man’s Sky is an open-ended game, its developers want players to experience it in a specific way and have taken steps in order to ensure their vision is preserved.For a full rundown of everything in the No Man’s Sky day one patch, make sure to head over to the game’s official site.last_img

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