Star Wars Resistance shorts tide fans over during midseason break

first_imgIt’s all pretty throwaway stuff but looks as gorgeous as the show always does. We’ll continue our full episode recaps when the show returns on Sunday, Jan. 13 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel, DisneyNOW and Disney Channel VOD.First published Dec. 11 at 1:49 p.m. PT.Update, Jan. 3 at 8:10 a.m. PT: Adds the final three shorts. The third of this set, The Need For Speed, sees Hype racing against teen rival Torra. It isn’t a particularly exciting race, but it’s cool to get more of the Aces. 1:00 Dec. 23 kicked off another run of three shorts. Bucket’s Quest was another droid-focused offering, with Team Fireball’s quirky astromech losing his helmet and getting a ridiculous temporary replacement. Treasure Chest, the second of these, sees them getting into a dangerous situation when they open a mysterious box given to them by pirate sleeper agent Synara San (Nazneen Contractor). However, one can’t help but wonder why they didn’t use the trapdoor seen in the previous short to get rid of the detonators. Post a comment The second one, Dart and Cover, sees Kaz displaying his dart-throwing skills to Torra Doza (Myrna Velasco), until eccentric astromech droid Bucket shows him how it’s done. Star Wars Episode 9 is on its way: Everything we know about the final Skywalker film, from the cast to the release date and title.Star Wars isn’t built for a Marvel-style cinematic universe: Is Star Wars really ready for the Marvel treatment? On Dec. 17, we got a second trio of shorts focused on parts sellers Flix (Jim Rash) and Orka (Bobby Moynihan). The first, When Thieves Drop By, reveals how they deal with a pair of naive robbers. Share your voice TV and Movies Culture Star Wars Resistance shows Poe Dameron, BB-8 giving out… Kaz shows up in several of the Star Wars Resistance shorts. Lucasfilm Star Wars Resistance took a midseason in December, but Lucasfilm is keeping the spark of rebellion lit with a series of 12 shorts.Three bite-sized chunks of the CGI animated series debuted Dec. 11 on the Disney Channel’s YouTube channel.The Search for Kaz focuses on BB-8 trying to find Kazuda Xiono (aka Kaz, played by Christopher Sean) on the Colossus refueling platform. Since Kaz is working on a targeting computer, it’s likely this is set just before Synara’s Score. Unmotivated shows Flix and Orka dealing with another crazed droid — this time belonging to superstar racer Hype Fazon (Donald Faison). Tags Neeku’s Reward shows head mechanic Jarek Yeager (Scott Lawrence) buying Neeku Vozo (Josh Brener) lunch to show his appreciation for his Nikto employee’s hard work — leading to a surprising level of chaos in the Colossus’ marketplace. The third one, G-LN, reveals why cantinas won’t serve droids as Flix and Orka’s pit droid gets a little rowdy. Now playing: Watch this: Disney Star Wars New Year’s Eve brought the final trio of shorts, with the first of these jumping back to the Aces as they work to stop a crashing ship in Sixty Seconds to Destruction. The one is pretty cool, and it highlights how important the pilots are in protecting the Colossus. The final short is called The Rematch and sees Torra helping Kaz assess the Fireball’s ability to fly. Spoiler: It’s not quite ready to take to the skies again. Despite the episode’s title, they aren’t really racing as they did in the premiere. Buggle’s Day Out is sillier, as Kaz tries to look after Torra’s troublesome pet Voorpak. Apparently the dog-like creature is very smart indeed. 0last_img

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